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KLEEMANN ML is an utterly desirable car representing the best of design and technology for the big SUV market. The ML featuring an aerodynamic body kit designed with attention to detail and consists of a deep front spoiler and a rear spoiler with a built in diffuser panel. Furthermore the car comes with new side skirts and wheel arch flares for a more sporty appearance and strong road presence. The complete exterior package including 20 inch TM-5 wheels ensures a bold, muscular look and fits all non-AMG M-Class vehicles.

An Electronic Body Lowering Module (EBL) and the KLEEMANN Suspension Tuning firms up the Air Matic suspension and ensure a lower centre of gravity for reduced body roll and better turning stability.

Based on the ML 500 the car is powered by the well known 5.0 litre V8 in full KLEEMANN trim. Mounted with the KLEEMANN Kompressor system, Super Sport Camshafts, a reprogrammed ECU and stainless steel exhaust headers the engines power out put is increased to 595 Hp as the torque curve peaks at 770 Nm (570 lb-ft). The powerful engine makes the car able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 5,3 seconds and the top speed is 270 km/h (168 mph). For the safety aspect KLEEMANN can improve stopping power for the heavy car with the KB8 brake system.

More power for both the ML 500 and the Diesel range

For increased performance in the Diesel-powered ML models, KLEEMANN offers the efficient KD-BOX. When added a KD-BOX the engines power output is increased with up to 25% and the same is the case for the level of torque.



KLEEMANN offers kompressor solutions for the ML 500. Mounted on a 5,0 Litre V8-engine power output increases from 305 to 506 Hp.

High Performance brakes

The ML can be fitted with a brake system with eight pistons callipers and ventilated discs. Sizes from 328 x 28 mm to 380 x 34 mm, depending on wheel size. Rear axle discs are 345 x 28 mm or 328 x 28 mm.

Sport Exhaust Systems

For the ML KLEEMANN offers a complete stainless steel exhaust system with four steel cats that minimizes backpressure and ensures an awesome sound.


To further enhance the driving characteristics of the ML KLEEMANN offers a electronic body lowering module. The system lowers the car and provides a more sporty appearence to any ML model.


The special exterior design of the ML gives the car a stern look and strong road presence. For further information on KLEEMANN aerodynamics click on the link below.

Light Alloy Wheels

For the Mercedes-Benz M-Class KLEEMANN offers the classic five spoke TM-5 alloy wheel. Available in sizes 18 inch to 20 inches in diameter ranging from 8.5 to 10 inches in widths.


The exclusive line of luxurious KLEEMANN interior products fits any M-Class model, with a plethora of possible colour/texture combinations, giving you the opportunity to create your personal atmosphere.

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